Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The End is Nigh Again!

Tuesday 22:48 p.m.
I am bound in law to inform you that this is a police surveillance blog. If you have landed on this blog after googling "Hotboy" or "Hotboys", the address of your computer has been noted. Soon a cyberspider will be searching your hard drive for indecent images, moving or still. If any of these images appear to be of minors engaged in sexual activity ...

All personalities and events contained in this blog are purely fictional. Any connection with anyone alive or dead is coincidental. No animals have been harmed or eaten in the making of this blog.

I've just put on the noise blockers for the first time in a week. Peace, perfect peace. Remembrance of things past. I usually wear them when I'm typing and meditating around here. I'm either typing or meditating quite a lot. No wonder the birds sounded loud at the Samye Ling!

I started this bloggy malarkey because I wanted to keep track of the agents who were bound not to want to represent any of my wonderful writings. Cross them off. Also, as a way of venting about ra bliss.

It's all changed now, hasn't it, Jack? I got the agent and now you can't write about what's happening to the writings, it seems. It doesn't help for publishers to come across a book that's been rejected a million times already. Dearie me. Then I had to run away from the schoolgirls. I liked the name of the last blog. It amused me. I was sorry to leave it.

And there's no point in telling the flatheids about ra bliss after you've been going on about it for a couple of years. If you're happy walking around with your head up your arse, what can I say except well done.

In order to disappear further into the deep recesses of the bloggysphere, in the next blog I will not be able to call the too dumb to meditate Flatheids, or Evolutionary Tails, or Them Prehensiles. Neither will I be able to refer to ra bliss, or ra heat, or ra ecstasy. I will have to say bye bye to Hotboy, and HotboyMadyamikaSurfingTheOceansOfBliss. Or, HotboyMadyamikaS.O.B., for short.Dearie me.

I'll email the usual suspects: Mary Queen of Scots, Mingin', Ion, Onan the Bavarian, the sensei and the red goddess with the three heads and the four arms. According to the statscounter, about seven returning visitors land here daily. Anybody wanting to follow the blogerations should just email me and I'll send them the new address.

I'm taking Jack the Spam Robot with me.

Let's get the hut into the rowing boat, Jack. Where are we going, Hotboy? To an island far, far away, Jack. Way over the horizon.

Row, row, row, your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, live is but a dream!

Well, wasn't that nice?
When you die, are you going to get reincarnated, Hotboy? Certain habitual tendencies may emerge as time goes on, Jack.

Ra Homecoming!

Tuesday 5:11 p.m.
Feel quite sane compared to the last time I got back from the Samye Ling. So how about an overview?

Although the deity yoga juju was working much better over the last two mornings (particularly this morning), I still didn't get much heat. I guess over the seven days I was there, I must have done about sixty hours meditating. Well, I wasn't doing anything else. Meditated, took a wee walk, ate the meals, read a book, and that was about it.

Two rather attractive and probably single women tried to engage me in conversation, but I had to make my excuses and leave. Over the last couple of days I started noticing the bosoms of nuns! Maybe that's when you know you're getting desperate.

No, Hotboy, you getting desperate when you start fancing the mannequins in the shop windows! Lots of women flashing their wobbly bits up Princes Street as I waited for the 29 bus to take me home.

When I was tired and not actually sitting, I had to sometimes put up with an avalanche of unpleasant, aggressive diatribes, interior monologues and commentaries directed against perfectly innocent people I know, and sometimes know and like very much. This is like the old wounds rising from the deep just to let you know that there's a lot of work to be still done there.

Sometimes I felt exhilerated well beyond the usual. So not quite the steady pleasantness one would like, but highs and lows.

I think the Venerable Big Indian might be the happiest person in the world.

Everything was well worth it for ra bliss!!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Ra Last Samye Day!

Monday 9:15 a.m.
This is the last day of my visit to the Samye Ling and the sun is beating down out of a clear blue sky.

Once when I was down here for a week in the summer, I felt real joy and true happiness. That hasn't been the story this time, but I don't suppose you should compare. This has been a wee bit like the heavy training boxers do at the start of a training camp. Lots of road work, heavy bags, getting totally knackered, etc.

Since I have been using these machines and drinking coffee, the "holiday" has cost me about £20 a day. For this you get the beautiful (wet) surrounding countryside, the use of the temple, and a chance to meditate every day with as close to a buddhist saint as I'm ever going to get. If you wanted a real holiday and had a motor, you could use this as a perfect base to tour the south west of Scotland. The food of course if beyond fabulous!

The meditation with the lama, which has just finished, was pretty serene. Today the back temple will be free and this is better for me since I can do tai chi sets in there and stand on my head, etc. I'll ignore the sunshine and go up there just now.

I've a feeling I may abandon this blog and start another one soon. I'll see after the conference this Saturday.

For almost a week I've done nothing bad excpet eat a few puddings! There have been thought crimes against my deep dear friends, some school teachers and other useless basturns, but that's about it.

I guess I'll go and meditate for the next three hours then!!

1:12 p.m.
There's a wee island in the middle of the river which you can reach and keep your feet dry if you're a good jumper. I've spent all morning on this island and I'll spend a lot of the afternoon and maybe some of the evening on it. This is a real treat!! You face upstream and just fix on some stone protruding from the river ... it's like heaven on earth this place if you want to meditate and the sun shines. And it is a glorious day!! Such wonderful times I have spent on that wee island. I'm away back now, but I may have to waddle due to the fabulous lunch I've just had. With another pudding! You've got to live on soup and home made breid to really really appreciate the grub here.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Ra Magic and Mystery In Tibet!

Sunday 1:15 p.m.
I've just finished reading Magic and Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel. What an utterly fabulous book!! Had to finish, of course, with a picture of the Samye monastery in Tibet. I think this place is called after it.

I think I've read it before, but most of it was fresh to me. I don't think I'd have written Light in the Dark if I hadn't read Alexandra David-Neel. Excellent writer, great subject!

If everyone had a granny like Alexandra David-Neel the world would be sorted.

The joy and the sacred happiness have been checking in over the last couple of days. I'm sure I could get this juju working if I only spent more time down here. Still ...

The name of the game is non-self and emptiness, of course. And there are hundreds of different ways to play it. A long list of alternatives is given in the book I've just mentioned. I think the Tibetans like deity yoga because it combines method and wisdom in one practise. The method being meditation/contemplation/concentration and the wisdom being emptiness. I think if you ever get into non-self and emptiness it should look like oneness or wholeness in flow.

Time on this machine is running out. The man who made the delicious lunch is sitting beside me. I'll now have to go to the tent to recover. Raspberry crumble and double cream! I ask you!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Ra Tummo, Tumo, or gtumo!

Saturday 1:14 p.m.
To master the art of living at the Samye Ling, one must be able to eat gigantic lunches and not fall over into a comatose state for the next two hours. Voila!

As far as techniques for raising inner heat as concerned, I think I've come upon these in three different places. The first time was in book by Anagarika Govinda (Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism, I think). The the main one in The Bliss Of Inner Fire by Lama Thebten Yeshe. Last night I read another account in Magic and Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel.

In the first one, Govinda says you concentrate on the navel symbol till it's hot and them move it up to heat the rest of you. Heat is, I think, supposed to follow the mind eventually. So concentrate till it's hot. The whole enchilada seems to be in The Bliss of Inner Fire, but Alexandra David-Neel's segment adds a bit. She gives a couple of different methods.

When you read of the lengths adepts in Tibet went to accomplish raising inner heat, you realise that here in chilly Jockoland with your bad habits and your jobbie, etc., etc., etc., you shouldn't stand a chance.

I became interested in this because Lama Thebten Yeshe says if you can melt the symbols and explode the inner fire, thus garnering the four blisses, when you meditate in future, you should start at the first of these blisses i.e. absolutely amazing bliss.

This should mean, Jack, that as soon as you close you eyes you're there.

You might not have to close your eyes.

My sister had a wasting disease for most of her life and died young, unable to accomplish much of even the everyday stuff. This might have helped me make an effort in this life.

I think you should develope your human beingness as much as possible.

Grizzly, one of my brothers, told me once that he'd make more money out of selling goats' milk than I would out of writing (he had two goats) and he was correct! This does not mean that trying and trying to become a better writer was a waste of time. Getting dosh from writing (if it's what you want to write), is the least of it.

Everyone knows you shouldn't be trying to achieve bugger all in meditations, but I thought if I could go for this inner heat juju, other benefits might accrue anyway. And so they have.

Are you not going to get there then, Hotboy? Who knows, Jack? I might have a long life and still have my marbles for decades yet. But I'm not going to be able to achieve it in the next couple of days. But I will have experiences!! I surely will!

I got up in time for the lama meditation today and sat in the temple afterwards for another three hours. Thank God I'm not a complete flatheid, Jack! Ra bliss!! Oh ra bliss, ra bliss, ra bliss!

Everyone's granny should be like Alexandra David-Neel. I thought I'd read Magic and Mystery in Tibet, but I'd only read the first part. I don't know why. How appropriate to have taken a book with descriptions of tummo in it!! Synchronicity or what!?

Two nice quiet orientals were here the other day. They were sitting in the back row of the temple at night as was moi. Then they both started doing this weird prostration stuff. They did this about ten times. If you want some time off your jobbie and a few days in the hospital, you could have a go.

You sit on your heels with your knees together (my right knee has already dislocated at this point!). Then you curl your toes down so your feet are no longer flat to the ground and stand up. No hands, no nothing. Just stand up. Then come down again and lay your brow on the ground. Ten times.

What a nice couple! Both obviously well matched with common interests. I wouldn't have picked a fight with either of them after I saw them doing that!!

One of the stories in the book is about a joe called Karma Dorjee. Take off the last "e" and that's my buddhist name. He wanted to do the Short Path so he could fung over folk who'd been rotten to him due to his lowly birth.

Of course, I always looked down on the progeny of the evil bourgeois since most of them are sweetie eating, ignorant morons completely lacking in anything you might describe as character! Even the smart ones are too dumb to meditate!!


Friday, 18 July 2008

Ranother Friday One!

Friday 8:15 p.m.
And on the third day ... tons and tons of ra bliss! Tons of it. The emanating ... everything is working a lot better, but I'm still not into ra heat zone. Also, I'm getting very tired. Often I remember leaving here and getting home feeling exhausted. I think it's worse with the tent really since you don't feel as inclined to have a wee lie down apres luncho, etc. I may go home on Monday, but I'll see if I revive a little tomorrow. Easy to sit though. Easy peesy! The weather has been bogging, of course, since Tuesday. No chance of meditating up by the river.

The Makhala Prayers between 4:30 and 6 p.m. It's the gongs, Jack! The gongs! They made me deaf, you know. (Does anyone know what that's a referral to?) The bells? The bells? Not to worry.

The last hour in the temple this evening may be a little special. I saw the sun go down behind the hills last night about 8:30 p.m. Good meditation time!

Ris Addiction!

Friday 10:18 a.m.
Thought I'd gotten over my addiction to blogging, but it seems not! Eight bunny rabbits were visible round my tent last night as I was getting ready to crash out.

You have to get the four symbols on your chakra points visible somehow and blow the heat/bliss up from one to the other in vase breaths. It goes from the bottom one to the next one, then back to the bottom one, then up through to the third one and so on. By the time it gets to the crown chakra, your head blows off.

I'm still not getting a lot of heat.

After three nights in the tent, this is for me!! I feel totally settled. I've decided to try to give up achieving stuff and just let it flow as it will. When I get back to the Planet of the Flatheids I will meditate less and do some more writing and just try to enjoy my life. This place is so good for me and I'm so happy to be here!!!